Wãrakki stands for a range of ventures based in Manipur which revolves around creative practice & ecologically responsible lifestyle. WÃRAKKI films is an emerging offshoot of the enterprise. It envisages to incubate and cultivate fresh explorations in filmmaking and interdisciplinary projects involving the film medium.

Korou Khundrakpam and Kundo Yumnam established WÃRAKKI films in 2014. We are a husband & wife team (now) who have been making art together since the last seven years based in New Delhi. We both studied Fine Arts, Korou in College of Arts, Delhi and Kundo in Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. We moved back home to Manipur two years back. And incidentally it marked a shift in our creative engagements, films being one of the upshots. We founded WÃRAKKI films to channelise our efforts in this medium and to serve as a foundation to our future involvements in film culture.

Project: Memorials

We recently completed our first production, Memorials, a short film directed by Korou Khundrakpam.


Memorials intimately renders an evening in the life of K as he finds himself nudged to deepen his preoccupation with loss. Finding his pet fish dead on returning home sets the tune of his evening. Seeing the tiny uninhabited carcass, now just demarcating the shape of an absence, he is moved by the mundanity and unceremonious reality of death. He responds by enacting various rituals to trace an imprint of the life, the only testimony of which will soon perish. In an effort to commemorate or to defer the parting, he transforms the death into artefacts which he can hold on to. Later, he is tempted to open an old almirah in a corner of his room where belongings of his late father are stashed away. The rituals then continue and evolve to attest his nuanced relations to death as it takes new forms in the course of the evening.

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